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The music library of choice offering tracks from £2

The only truth is music

With over 4000 tracks, TOTIM is the music library of choice for your videos. We make it simple to find the best music for your projects with no hidden costs!



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Broken (Stripped)
Mark Thompson
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I Say Do
Mark Thompson
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Broken Sampler
Mark Thompson
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Mark Thompson

One membership that covers everything

No hidden costs or complicated contracts


Great value and flexible. We’ve got you covered when you need us.


10 credits per month


The best value. Making sure you always have access to the best tracks.


125 credits per year


No membership? No problem. Get that one-off track to make your project stand out.


£20 per track


Football Anthems

Why does music have such a strong presence in football, and why is it needed?


University: Banding People Together

When you think about university, you tend to think about education, but what about bands?

TOTIM is easy to use and has a great range of tracks that help elevate my projects.
Sarah Mayne, Video Producer

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